Peg me. 

I had a wonderful date night with one of my boys last night. We went out for frozen yogurt and then strolled by the river. 

We came back to my house, and I had him get naked so I could admire his body in my panties. 

I had him slowly turn around, adjusting his panties just right. He was hard as a rock and leaking precum. 

I laid him down on the bed on his stomach and restrained his arms and legs to my bed. I slowly massaged his whole body and used a feather to tease him. 

I slowly pulled those panties to the side and entered him with my strap on. He gave me a real guttural groan as I worked my way inside of him. 

He quickly said he was going to orgasm so I untied him and inserted a nice princess plug into him and then laid down on my back. He climbed between my legs, and I grabbed him by the hair and moved his face to my pussy. 

He’s so good at edging me. 

Our play session was about three hours and when we were done, I almost passed out with cum all over my legs. He kindly cleaned me up and we snuggled to dreamland. 

One of the leg restraints

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