Adventure time. 

When I finally got out of the house this morning, I ran a couple errands around town so I could kind of acclimate myself to driving before getting on the freeway. 

I don’t drive much, just ride a bicycle because I’m too much of a day dreamer to be operating a motor vehicle. Some say it’s cuz I’m a stoner. 

I hopped on the road after running my errands and it was smooth sailing all the way to Ikea. 

The freeways are lined with gorgeous lush trees here.

I got to Ikea and was able to find what I was looking for right away. Not because Ikea is user friendly but because I used my phone to look up the location of my items. 

Last night, I went on the Ikea website and got the measurements of the furniture I wanted. I measured the space in the car and determined that it would fit. 

What I didn’t notice on the website is that it weighed 67 pounds. 

I barely got it on the cart and while I shopped around, I kept thinking about if I could get it into the car. 

After Ikea, I decided to treat myself to sushi at Sushiland. It’s a wonderful conveyor belt sushi restaurant. 

I used to frequent it once a week with various friends while living there and I haven’t been in years. 

Isn’t it really all about the wasabi?

My favorite sushi to eat at Sushiland is unagi, seared salmon and shrimp tempura rolls. I also really like the spices/breading they use on their calamari. 

I sat there and soaked up the cheerful environment and it made me giggle that the sushi chefs were speaking to each other in Spanish. 

I also thought about all the wonderful laughter that has been exchanged there between me and my friends. 

Damage done.

I left the big city after my belly was full and enjoyed a nice ride home. 

My traveling buddy today… my vape pen loaded with THC concentrate.

When I got home, I knew I couldn’t carry the furniture so I opened the box and carried in the pieces. 

Just looking at the cover of this…

Isn’t it awesome?! 

I absolutely love it. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I have been searching for months for this and never even thought of Ikea. (Stoner) 

I also went to Lowe’s today. My favorite store. I got the black mulch, weed barrier and pea gravel for my garden in my back yard. 

Weed barrier.

Not quite done.

I needed another bag of pea gravel so I headed back to Lowe’s. I found a really cute succulent there (I’ll post tomorrow). 

Now, I’m busy doing all these little projects around the house. Setting up the things that are going to go on my new shelves, painting my birdhouse, painting picture frames, looking for a snack (always). 

Gotta go…

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