Here we go…

My Mom invited me to join her at the beach yesterday. We left in the morning and got there without running into any traffic.

Although we did have to make an emergency pit stop.

Since it was supposed to be 106 in the city, and  I was so happy to get out to the ocean where it was 66 and hoodie weather.

It was quite foggy where we got there but that’s not unusual for our coast.

We spent some time on the beach.

We saw some super cute sand sculptures.

We went to eat at a local restaurant and I had prime rib French dip. I don’t eat a lot of carbs so the bread did me in and I felt like I was gonna have a food baby.

I really wanted a cold brew and couldn’t find one anywhere.

Found this in Starbucks.

We also stopped at the dispensary where I got two grams of Black Widow.

We headed back to the beach.

Found these little carcasses all over the beach.

Built this little zen statue. I think I may print this pic off.

It was a smooth ride home.

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