Ho hum. 

I didn’t sleep last night and I was buzzing around the house for hours. 

Apparently, my kitchen drawers needed to be organized immediately. 

Oh mania. 

I got my meds adjusted last week and usually that is good for me. This time seems different. 

I don’t feel any different from the med adjustment except for when I do sleep, it’s really hard to wake up. I know those types of side effects wear off but right now, it’s really hard. 

I had two of my boys over for dinner last night. I cooked BBQ chicken and purple potatoes. I just baked it all because it was hot yesterday and I didn’t feel like standing in front of the hot stove but it turned out well. 

One of my boys stayed over last night but we didn’t play because it’s been shark week for me. We did make out and snuggle but then he fell fast to sleep and I jumped outta bed to organize. 

Here’s some boob. 

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