I actually slept last night. I’m not sure what time I fell asleep because I passed out on the couch. 

A while ago, I would take Lorazapam for my anxiety. Since doctors have found out that it causes dementia. I titrated off but have some for emergency purposes. 

Lorazapam definitely relaxes me and it also puts me to sleep. It worked! 

It was really hot here yesterday with temps reaching 100 degrees. In the morning I went out for a walk. 

A beautiful creek near my house.
The owls are notorious for stealing hats.
Cute little bench at a community garden.
Beautiful statue at the community garden.
Caught my 3rd Pikachu.
I love finding random rainbows.

After I got home, I painted my nails and also worked on my birdhouse. 

I hit up the dispensary and got some edibles.
Apparently, you can’t use your food stamp card.

Paul, the foot fetish guy came over to pamper my feet.
I have a glass prism art piece in my window and it casts rainbows all over the room.

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