Where do I start? 

Well, first off, I’m supposed to be working right now but paperwork is the pits. I’m supposed to be making care plans for my clients and I find myself very distracted by absolutely nothing. 

I’ve been on vacation for two weeks now, trying to get my mania under control, and I do believe that it’s now manageable and I’m getting back to my “normal” levels of hyperness. 

I got a new job to go with my old job and it’s working at a local dispensary. I’m super excited and let’s just say that I have like 25 years experience so I think I’ll do just fine. 

I don’t know if I told you guys but one of my boyfriends moved out of state to finish his last year of college. I miss him dearly. 

Long distance relationships have never worked for me in the past and I tried to end things with him before he left, saying that he should get out there, have fun and random sex but he refused. 

With technology the way it is, it sure is a lot easier to be connected but I miss his touch and the way he smells. 

I have my ultrasound tomorrow for my polyps and I’ve done a very good job at not going on the internet and looking them up. I’m nervous but thankful it’s getting looked at. 

I haven’t been able to go fishing because all my fishing gear is at my brothers house and that’s a real bummer. I get really grounded when I’m out fishing. 

Oh! Remember the possible panty boy?! Well, that was a bust. He ended up getting freaked out about me restraining him even though he agreed and I asked him several times during if he was ok. 

He also stole two pairs of my panties! 

Fuck face. 

My boys that are here are doing well. They’ve started school and football and they’re thriving which is a big deal to me. They’ve stayed on top of their schoolwork and their finances and it’s good to see that I’ve taught them well. 

I woke up this morning to a message on snapchat where this random dude sent me 11 snaps of him jerking off. Like, what the fuck?! Why?! Who the hell wants to see 11 snaps of the same thing?! 

Oh and they were videos. 

When I called him out, he said, “Oh, I always send that many snaps to my friends and they love it.” 

Yeah, right. 

If I could have screenshot his gross ass penis, I would have so I could share it with ya guys cuz I am not sure why he would even send snaps of that thing. 

But, I didn’t want him to think I was saving pics of that wrinkly old thing (he’s 21!!! Ha!!!)  

The fall is definitely here…

The trees are changing and the Ugg boots have already made appearances even though it’s been sunny and in the 80’s. 

I’m still cooking delicious food even though yesterday, I was craving a delicious hamburger that I didn’t have to make. Like a Juicy Lucy. 

Instead, I made a ribeye. 

And the day before I made pork adobo. 

And, now I’m hungry. 

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