Three in a row. 

I do realize that I haven’t posted a legit post in weeks. I’d like to claim that work and the boys have me just crazy busy and well, it’s true.

It’s also been taking quite a bit of my time to keep up and respond to everyone on Kik, Instagram, snapchat, and tumblr.

I guess you can say that I just haven’t been able to manage my time well which doesn’t make sense since one of my boys did move away and that means that I have two more evenings to myself but where does all the time go?!

I’ll tell ya where it goes….

I met a new boy!

Well, he isn’t new. Ha! I’ve known him for quite some time but we’ve been talking a lot more over the last week or so that’s where this girl has been!

I’m completely smitten.

The hardest part about tye dying.
And, then it’s all worth it.

So, the Ducks.

They are now 2-3 and when I say they have three losses…. I also mean that they have lost three in a row.

I don’t know what to say about that.

I’m not a fair weather fan and I’m not gonna blame staffing or officiating.

In fact, I’m not going to blame anyone and just remember back in the day when the Ducks would win 3 games in a season.

I see these cheeseballs at every single tailgate.
New game day panties.
Football and Frito pie go hand in hand.

Oh, the polyps.

I went to see the radiologist and had an ultrasound done and they determined that I do not have polyps and that I have a mass that is 3cm.

I have been referred to OB/GYN and I have an appointment on November 1st.

I refuse to think about it and just wait to get the results from my appointment next month.

Here are some random pics I’ve taken over the last couple weeks that I wanted to share with you guys.

I love the fall. I love to watch the leaves change.
And, I love to watch them fall.
A little irony in Oregon.
A beautiful double rainbow.
Fresh eggs for everyone.
It’s those cool fall nights. (random kids)
Beautiful redwoods here in my city.
All the fire hydrants in my neighborhood are painted.
There are free little libraries all over my city.
So sweet.
Birdhouses on each corner.
My beautiful view.
Yes, it says “activation 5 mins” and who waits five minutes before taking another?!
I hit 2,000 followers on tumblr!!!

More on the new boy to follow…

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