Eyes wide shut. 

If I didn’t see it…

It didn’t happen, right?! 

I had to leave the game before halftime. The Ducks were down 28-0 to the Huskies and I just couldn’t do it. 

I don’t remember the last time I left a Ducks game early. Maybe sometime during college…

You know, drinking too much and having to leave the game. Yeah, been there, done that. 

I also don’t remember ever drinking too much and not remembering the second half. 


That was many, many moons ago. 

So, the boy. 

I know I said I was smitten the other day and at that moment, I was. 

I’m kinda over it now. 

I’ve known him for over a year. We met in a panties chat group on Kik and we’ve chatted here and there, obviously attracted to each other and I always felt like we connected on another level besides just physical. 

He’s kind, positive, smart and just a good soul. 

He also looks very good in my panties. 

Like most things, I get very passionate and I get this laser like focus. This time on the boy. 

However, four days later, just like a lot of things, I lose interest. 

It’s not that I don’t think he’s fabulous because I really do. It’s more that I’ve moved on to something else that is shiny and new and has grabbed my attention for the next four days. 

Putting the finishing touches on my room.  

I know, how can I replace the feelings and emotions I have for another human for completing my room transformation. 

I do that kind of shit all the time. 

I’ve always blamed my ADHD and you know, it could be part of the reason. I think another part of the reason is that I just get bored and instead of being one of those people that gets stagnant, I flutter around and land somewhere for as long as my attention will allow. 

It’s a wonder that one of my boys has been around for seven years. I mean like it literally blows my mind. 

But, then again, I’ve had the same friends since I was in diapers. 

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