Fright night. 

I’m totally scared of Halloween. I always have been. Sure, I dressed up some when I was young but it was always something like a doctor or a football player. 

Costumes are so scary and freaky these days. I was in the store the other day and saw costumes for children that were frightening. 

Like seriously. 

And, with this whole clown business…

The stores in my little town have pulled everything clown related from the shelves. 

That’s awesome. 

The boy that’s away at school, is struggling. He’s very homesick and has actually been quite sick. I think it’s from all the stress. 

He’s contemplating transfer back to be closer, even though he’s in his senior year. 

The two boys that live here are doing pretty well. The one that is still in college is playing football and doing great! He’s a wide receiver and has been able to start every game. 

I wish that I could go to more of his games but there’s the Ducks. 

The Ducks. 


The boy that I’ve been with the longest met a guy and they were having a really good time getting to know each other. The guy he met, knew our relationship from the beginning as we were all together when they met. 

However, he gave my boy an ultimatum and said that he needed to choose between him and me. My boy said, no. 

In my experience, people often think open relationships are so cool and hip and they think it sounds like the best situation ever. 

They soon realize that they can’t share but think they can be the one to change the poly persons heart. 

True love doesn’t sway. 

Here are some pics gathered over the last few weeks. 

Rainbow ❤️
Got my nails done.
Kik is so weird.
Another awesome message.
We had a storm a few weeks ago and the power got knocked out.
I love tributes.
Breakfast lately.
After touching body parts… in a store bathroom.
Love these fall days.
I’ve always loved railroad tracks.
Homemade chili.
I love this. GO DUCKS!!!
Darth Vader at the suicide prevention walk.
There were so many people at the suicide prevention walk and everyone had such a personal experience with suicide.
My favorite store bought bacon.
I just throw it in coconut oil.
Once it starts foaming, it’s done.
Fall is gorgeous here.
A spot I fish at.
Locks on a local bridge.
Beautiful flowers growing in the wild.


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