Vote for me!!

I purposely picked up a shift at one of my jobs tonight so I won’t have to be assaulted by all the media bullying that will be occurring this evening. 

No thanks. 

I did exercise one of our greatest freedoms and voted but that was weeks ago since here in Oregon, we have mail in ballots. 

Lately there has been a great increase in pictures and requests that I receive via social media. 

I don’t believe any woman hasn’t been victimized by an unsolicited dick pic. 

It’s like a hello nowadays.

The thing is…. is that the men that share their dick before even saying hello…. never share a dick that you even want to see. 

They’re just an average penis. Nothing that’s going to make it stand out (ha!) 

Stop sharing your dick!!!! 

I get turned on by seeing random dicks all day said no woman ever. 

The true art of risqué photos is the tease. 

Very few men can actually pull this off because once again, they’re very focused on just showing you their dick. 

You want to make a woman want you. You want to make her want to see more of you. 

Let’s face it, once you’ve seen the dick…. 

What else is there to see? 

You can’t do it backwards either by showing your dick and then trying to tease. 

Think men. Think. 

I’ve been working a lot lately, which I often do in the fall and winter so I can work less in the spring and summer. 

It’s kinda hard to do with traveling for football and out of state to see one of my boys, but I make it work. 

My neighbor kid and best friend turned 17 over the last weekend. It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been helping raise him since he was seriously seconds old and I clipped his umbilical cord. 

He’s such an amazing person. He’s truly selfless which is a rare quality in people, much less a 17 year old boy. 

He’s very smart and witty. He’s got a quick comeback for everything that is comical, not demeaning. 

School comes easy to him even with being in AP classes and also already taking college courses. 

He volunteers in our community more than he works because he feels like that’s the balance he needs in his life. 

He’s always helping our other neighbors without being asked and he’s so kind to strangers. 

Which we all know, is not the case for most people anymore. 

He truly makes me a better person and in his short 17 years on this planet, he has blessed my life in ways that I never knew was possible. 

I truly know the meaning of unconditional love. 

Oh yeah, the requests…

So, ever since I started my panty blog on tumblr, I have gotten some strange requests. 

Men want to see me piss in my panties, show period blood and even poop! 

They request things to be inserted into my pussy like bananas, beer bottles and hot dogs. 

They tell me how I should pose and also how to have to orgasms. 

Wanna know something that creeps me out even more? When they say things like, I really like the picture on your nightstand. 

I mean, how hard are you looking at my pics?!

And, why aren’t you focused on the reason you’re on my blog anyways…. the damn panties and pussy. 

Just let me mention that it’s 4:44pm right now and it’s dark. 

Damn it. 

The true meaning why so many Oregonians have a vitamin D deficiency. 

The Ducks. 

They sure haven’t made it easy to be a fan. But, if you haven’t just been a fan since the Chip Kelly era, you know that this is our Ducks. 

It’s not going to always be roses. 

My favorite (NOT) is when men say things to me about my Ducks and they don’t even watch college football. 

Seriously, shut the fuck up. You’re not going to get me to engage with someone that is uneducated in the sport. 

I’ve been back in therapy for about four weeks now to try and get some knowledge and tools to not act on my sexual impulses while manic. 

Since I’m currently not in a manic state, it’s hard to put myself in that mindset to try and figure out the roots. 

When I’m manic, I don’t know what happened three minutes ago much less do I think about the reprocussions of my actions. 

I also do not want to use mania as an excuse for bad behavior. 

So far, nothing has turned on a lightbulb in my head as far as how not to act on my impulses. 

My toolbox is still empty. 

I recently received a very generous gift from a tumblr follower. A $500 gift card to Victoria’s Secret. 

And, now he’s disappeared. 

Oh, here are a few photos that I wanted to share. 

Jack-o-lantern pizza!
The internet…
Strange bird occurrences by my home.
Temporary tattoos are my favorite accessory.
Another generous gift from a tumblr follower.
The best coconut oil out there.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject and I just want to throw this out there….

When you lose weight…

Where exactly do those pounds go? 

Silly girl. 😝

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