Give me that protein.

Today, I went back to the doctor for a different appointment and they weighed me again and I had lost 3 pounds.

I did great all day, but took off in the late afternoon to get my haircut and I was gone for a couple hours.

By the time that I got home, I was starving! I started dinner but snacked on a pork chop that I had made this morning.

I cooked this one-pot hamburger dinner from The Keto Diet book and added mushrooms and spinach to the recipe. I had a little of that.

And, then I dipped chicken breast tenders into ranch and then fried them for my salads over the next couple days and I ended up eating two of those.

It’s like I’m binge eating but eating protein instead of something like sugar, which is my usual go-to binge.

Now, I’m stuffed and I feel bad about over eating but also don’t feel as bad because it was good protein. But, then I still feel bad because I over ate.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Oh! And, I got a call back today about my cholesterol and blood sugar labs and the nurse said that they are both elevated and they would like me to try one more time to get those numbers down or else I would have to start taking medications.

I’m not going to take more medications than I am already on and that just means that I really need to do this.

Ok, tomorrow, I need to plan food better. I can’t let myself get into a starvation mode because then I overeat.

Cheers to tomorrow.


Meet ya in the alley. 

I’ve been so busy doing absolutely nothing. 

I spent so much of my summertime entertaining my neighbor kid that now he’s back in school and I’m like, what am I gonna do with myself?! 

I went back to work this week but only worked 14 hours. It was mellow on the work front. Nice way to get back in the swing of things. 

I’ll start back at the dispensary this next week, really slow to start off with as well. 

I’ve been fishing a lot which is always awesome. I have this little spot on the river where I ride my bike to and I love it. I’ve never seen another person there and I found it about three years ago. 

Caught my limit in 40 minutes.

Pan fried rainbow trout seasoned with cracked black pepper and kosher salt. Jasmine rice.

I got two packages this week. One had a pair of panties in it and one had a six pair pack of panties in it. 

The last two nights I have gone on dates with my boys that are still here. 

The first date, we went to a local arcade and played video games and air hockey for a couple hours. It was a lot of fun. 

It makes me laugh that some of the games in there are older than he is. 

I’m really touchy feely with my boys. I like touching and rubbing them. Smelling them. I like that they smell like soap and boy. 

I couldn’t keep my hands off of him while we played video games. In fact, I lost almost every game we played because I wanted to touch him. 

When we were walking back to his truck, I squeezed his hand and told him I wanted him to fuck me. He replied that he was going to really soon. 

I said, now and I dragged him into the alley. 

He kept trying to talk me out of it, but wanted it at the same time. 

We found a small staircase and tried to fuck on the stairs but it was way to narrow to really get any fucking done. 

I pulled him up the stairs as he tried to pull up his pants and I just bent over as I pulled my panties to the side. He entered me in one quick thrust and fucked me good. 

He asked permission to grab my hips and I granted permission. 

It made me cum. 

And, then he made me cum again. 

When I allowed him to orgasm, I spun around and crouched down low with my legs spread open wide. 

I took him deep into my throat and he exploded. 

I should have taken a pic of the alley. 

I’ve been smoking more THC concentrate lately because I’m a lazy stoner. I know, first one ever, right?! 

But, I do love flower a whole heck of a lot and so I’ll never be able to let that go. 

It was a gorgeous 77 degrees today without a cloud in the sky.
Warm September nights.

Homemade wontons. 

Fresh garlic in coconut oil.
Fresh white onion.
Previously frozen butcher ground beef, cracked black pepper and kosher salt.
All browned.
Added bagged coleslaw mix from Trader Joe’s and coconut aminos.
Fully cooked.
Stuffed and wrapped wontons in a gluten free wrapper.
Fried in olive oil.
Homemade fried wontons and a dash of wasabi.

Gone fishing. 

Yesterday I went out fishing with the Dad of a good friend of mine. He took me to his favorite fishing spot that was about an hour or so away from my house. 

I wish I would have taken some pictures of the scenery because it was so gorgeous. Typical Oregon lushness. 

I caught a 9lb steelhead salmon!!! 

I gave half of this beauty away to my friends Dad.
Look how lucious and pink he is.
Lightly pan fried in coconut oil with a homemade garlic salt.

Ello Lovies. 

So, I know that I’ve been gone (besides the panty posting). 

Life has been just speeding by. It’s been wild. 

I’m still really manic and if I do sleep, it’s anywhere from 2-4 hours. 

Work has been super stressful and I don’t like that. Ordinarily, I really love what I do but this last few months has really worn me down to the point that I don’t know if this is what I want to do anymore. 

I’ve had this client over a year now and his Mom is complete neurotic and controlling. She doesn’t leave the house when I work with her son, and if she does, she calls me non-stop. 

She doesn’t allow me to do my job which is to help her son, who is on the autism spectrum, learn that touch is ok. 

I feel like I’m ready to dive into something new. 

I applied at my local dispensary. 


For real, though. 

Why wouldn’t I want to be around weed all day?! I smoke so much and I am very knowledgable about the different products. 

I’m actually super excited. 

It’ll be a drop in pay, but I don’t mind to do something that I really want to do. I feel like we spend so much time in our lives working, and I’d like to spend that time doing something enjoyable. 

One of my boys moved out of state to finish his studies. He’s been gone a week and I really miss him. We talk all the time and still have our dates (via FaceTime) but of course, I miss the way he feels. The way he smells. 

The way he looks in my panties. 

Ok, ok. I’m off to sharpen my resume. 

Trader Joe’s edemame steamed and with kosher salt.
Coconut flour raviolis stuffed with fresh ground pork, fresh basil and garlic. I fried them in coconut oil.

Taco frittatas. 

I made some taco frittatas this morning. They were so good. 

I sautéed fresh garlic and onions and then added the fresh ground beef. I browned that and then added kosher salt, cracked black pepper and some Trader Joe’s taco seasoning. 

I placed the ground beef in the muffin pan and added range free eggs that I had beaten. A little bit of mozzarella cheese. 

Baked at 350 for 12 mins.