First position, second position and more…

(Sunday) I ended up going into the ballet class and I talked with the instructor. She agreed that I need more of a beginners class but the beginners class is on an evening that I work.

I paid for four weeks of ballet when I started and only attended one class so I have some of my payment to use. I may do some private lessons and then practice those moves that I learn.

The Ducks lost last night to mutha fuckin Arizona St.

First conference game for both teams and the Sundevils came out gunnin. They scored the first touchdown and for the rest of the game, it was the Ducks trying to catch up. It was an unusual thing to see.

Me: “Hey mom, I am going to head to the fabric store.”

Mom: “What are you going there for?”

Me: “I am looking for a te…”

Mom: “You know what fucking Donald Trump said today…”

Me: “You totally interrupted me.”

Mom: “So, many NFL players and coaches are taking a knee today.”

Me: Hang up FaceTime.

Me: Text her and tell her that the call dropped.

Mom: “I saw you hang up.”

I’m watching the last performances on America’s Got Talent. Everyone seems to be doing their very best. I think that’s really awesome and this season has truly had incredible talent.

Light Balance is my favorite.

I can’t wait to see who wins!!!

The boy.

We met through my tumblr. He had been following me for close to a year and sent me a message for the first time about 3 or so weeks ago.

(Monday) I could tell that I was going to fall for him because he is such a gentleman, and he’s intelligent. It’s a bonus that he’s inexperienced sexually, good looking, great body, young and quite nerdy.

Light Balance came in 3rd.

What a downer!





I’ll be heading back to work here in a few days and I have some really mixed feelings about it.

On one hand, it’s been amazing to have the summer off and do exactly what I want to do for three months.

And, I love my jobs and love what I do! Which they say if that happens that you’ll never feel like you’ve worked a day in your life.

So, I’m ready to go back.

But, then there’s football season and I start thinking that why don’t I take football season off since I don’t work as much during it and it would be nice to have the time off for traveling to games.


Go Ducks!!!

So, yesterday was game day and I could barely sleep the night before. Kinda like not sleeping on Christmas Eve but this is way worse. 

I started the morning with College GameDay, just like I’ve started each Saturday morning during football seasons for years. 

On the way to Eugene, I hit some traffic and of course it made me anxious. I couldn’t wait to get to our tailgate. 

Tailgating was amazing. We’ve been in the same spot for going on 20 years and it’s so cool to see what changes with the people around us that are also tailgating. 

I’ve seen kids grow up and be able to share beers. I’ve seen people get married and divorced and married again. 

When the players run out of the tunnel and on to the field, I always tear up. By the National Anthem, I’m crying. 

Autzen Stadium is my most favorite place on earth. 

The game. 

Boy, I was sure disappointed. I thought that the Ducks missed plays, both lines looked horrible. Tackles were missed and even though the Ducks scored their typical 50+ points, but the QB, Dakota just couldn’t find any rhythm. Perhaps it was because his line wasn’t protecting him and he was sacked so many times. 

We went to a local bar across from Autzen and talked with other fans about the game and were also able to watch a couple games and catch up on the afternoons games. 

There was no such thing as traffic on the way home. It was smooth sailing the whole way. 

I watched SportsCenter, like I do every game day night.