Meet ya in the alley. 

I’ve been so busy doing absolutely nothing. 

I spent so much of my summertime entertaining my neighbor kid that now he’s back in school and I’m like, what am I gonna do with myself?! 

I went back to work this week but only worked 14 hours. It was mellow on the work front. Nice way to get back in the swing of things. 

I’ll start back at the dispensary this next week, really slow to start off with as well. 

I’ve been fishing a lot which is always awesome. I have this little spot on the river where I ride my bike to and I love it. I’ve never seen another person there and I found it about three years ago. 

Caught my limit in 40 minutes.

Pan fried rainbow trout seasoned with cracked black pepper and kosher salt. Jasmine rice.

I got two packages this week. One had a pair of panties in it and one had a six pair pack of panties in it. 

The last two nights I have gone on dates with my boys that are still here. 

The first date, we went to a local arcade and played video games and air hockey for a couple hours. It was a lot of fun. 

It makes me laugh that some of the games in there are older than he is. 

I’m really touchy feely with my boys. I like touching and rubbing them. Smelling them. I like that they smell like soap and boy. 

I couldn’t keep my hands off of him while we played video games. In fact, I lost almost every game we played because I wanted to touch him. 

When we were walking back to his truck, I squeezed his hand and told him I wanted him to fuck me. He replied that he was going to really soon. 

I said, now and I dragged him into the alley. 

He kept trying to talk me out of it, but wanted it at the same time. 

We found a small staircase and tried to fuck on the stairs but it was way to narrow to really get any fucking done. 

I pulled him up the stairs as he tried to pull up his pants and I just bent over as I pulled my panties to the side. He entered me in one quick thrust and fucked me good. 

He asked permission to grab my hips and I granted permission. 

It made me cum. 

And, then he made me cum again. 

When I allowed him to orgasm, I spun around and crouched down low with my legs spread open wide. 

I took him deep into my throat and he exploded. 

I should have taken a pic of the alley. 

I’ve been smoking more THC concentrate lately because I’m a lazy stoner. I know, first one ever, right?! 

But, I do love flower a whole heck of a lot and so I’ll never be able to let that go. 

It was a gorgeous 77 degrees today without a cloud in the sky.
Warm September nights.


Panty boy? 

There’s this gentleman that I met on whisper, that I’ve been chatting with for about four months. 

We chat every day, throughout the day about various things. And, of course that includes things of a sexual nature. 

Everyone that knows me, knows that I have a panty fetish. That fetish not only means that I love panties but it also means, for me, that I love men in panties. 

Through all the chatting I’ve done with this gentleman, of course we have seen each other’s body so I already knew he had the perfect body for my panties. 

Tall, lean, well defined hips and a juicy booty. 

He offered to wear panties for me. 

So, naturally, I invited him over. 

He arrived and when I went to hug him, he was already hard and quivering. I held his hand and brought him into my bedroom. We talked for a little bit and then I asked him to stand and slowly undressed him. 

He was wearing men’s boxer briefs and he looked great in them. He had a huge wet spot on them. 

I already had panties picked out for him and I proceeded to pull the first pair up his muscular legs. 

He was hard and dripping precum by the time I got the panties up to his hips. I took great care at making sure the panties fit just right and in all the right places. 

He was moaning and making all these small noises as I had him slowly turning around and adjusting the panties. 

I told him that morning, not to orgasm all day and his balls were tight. They stayed in the panties really nicely. 

I was ready for the second pair. 

I did the same thing with the second pair of panties. Taking my time to adjust them. He was shaking by now. 

When I got the panties fit just right on his body, I had him turn and face me. His cock was dripping with precum and it was all over his belly, too. 

I leaned over close to him and ran my tongue from the waist of the panties, licking his sweet precum, all the way to the tip of his head. 

He gave me this real guttural groan. 

And, was shaking even more. 

I placed my hands on his hips and held him for a minute. He calmed down a little bit but he still had that slight quiver. 

I had told him that I wasn’t going to restrain him and to try and not have any expectations coming over. 

Boy, did I change my mind. 

I asked if I could restrain him to my bed and he softly replied, yes. 

I prepared the bed, and got him restrained. He was spread open wide while on his back and still had his pretty panties on. 

What a sight. 


I asked if I could blindfold him and he said, yes. 

I used these toys to tease his body. 

He was wiggling as he could in the restraints and I enjoyed every second of it. There’s something about a boy in my bed, restrained and thrashing around while in my panties that get me so worked up and so wet. 

I was in heaven. 

I started using my hands and rubbing very slowly on his body. He was groaning. I got on my knees on the side of him and leaned over and started kissing his body. Not on the “normal” spots like the nipples but on spots like the soft spot under his armpit and even on his hips. 

I took his cock into my mouth with one swift motion and I could tell he was going to cum. 

He did. 

And, I swallowed it. 

I took his restraints off and pulled him to my bosom and held him. I explained what can happen with sub drop, even though our scene wasn’t that intense. 

I held him tightly and played with his hair. 

I started to kiss his forehead and rub on his ears and his mouth wrapped around my nipple. 

I told him that my nipples were really sensitive and that I preferred licking and boy, he did a great job. I could feel myself getting creamy. 

We made out for awhile and he suckled at my breasts. His hands were all awkward, and I had to show him where to place them.  

He never got soft, even after he came in my mouth and now he was rock hard. 

I reached into my toy box and got some lube out and put some on his tight asshole. I also put a little on his cock and then I rubbed his asshole whole I stroked him and he shot his load all over his belly in less that a minute. 

I cleaned him up and then dressed him like the good Mommy I am, and then I kicked him out. 

**Oh, and he’s a virgin.**

Work it. 

I’m at work right now but my client had to go to the doctor and now I’m just sitting here at his house, waiting for him to come back. 

It’s hard to believe I’m getting paid to sit here and blog, but I suppose that people do that sort of thing all the time. 

Last night was a good night. I actually got some sleep and woke up this morning feeling very refreshed. Could be that it’s Friday. 

I was still on the tail end of shark week so my boy and I didn’t have vaginal sex but I sure pegged the fuck outta him. He was able to orgasm without any sort of cock stimulation. 

If fact, he came so hard and quickly that he didn’t even get permission to orgasm. Naughty boy. 

He also completely collapsed once he orgasmed, falling right into all his warm jizz. 

I tell ya…. I can really indentify with men and having sex. Pegging is a damn workout. Whether I peg him while he’s on his knees or I have him on his back, it still makes me all hot and sweaty. A real workout. 

A workout that’s always worth it. 

Peg me. 

I had a wonderful date night with one of my boys last night. We went out for frozen yogurt and then strolled by the river. 

We came back to my house, and I had him get naked so I could admire his body in my panties. 

I had him slowly turn around, adjusting his panties just right. He was hard as a rock and leaking precum. 

I laid him down on the bed on his stomach and restrained his arms and legs to my bed. I slowly massaged his whole body and used a feather to tease him. 

I slowly pulled those panties to the side and entered him with my strap on. He gave me a real guttural groan as I worked my way inside of him. 

He quickly said he was going to orgasm so I untied him and inserted a nice princess plug into him and then laid down on my back. He climbed between my legs, and I grabbed him by the hair and moved his face to my pussy. 

He’s so good at edging me. 

Our play session was about three hours and when we were done, I almost passed out with cum all over my legs. He kindly cleaned me up and we snuggled to dreamland. 

One of the leg restraints