First position, second position and more…

(Sunday) I ended up going into the ballet class and I talked with the instructor. She agreed that I need more of a beginners class but the beginners class is on an evening that I work.

I paid for four weeks of ballet when I started and only attended one class so I have some of my payment to use. I may do some private lessons and then practice those moves that I learn.

The Ducks lost last night to mutha fuckin Arizona St.

First conference game for both teams and the Sundevils came out gunnin. They scored the first touchdown and for the rest of the game, it was the Ducks trying to catch up. It was an unusual thing to see.

Me: “Hey mom, I am going to head to the fabric store.”

Mom: “What are you going there for?”

Me: “I am looking for a te…”

Mom: “You know what fucking Donald Trump said today…”

Me: “You totally interrupted me.”

Mom: “So, many NFL players and coaches are taking a knee today.”

Me: Hang up FaceTime.

Me: Text her and tell her that the call dropped.

Mom: “I saw you hang up.”

I’m watching the last performances on America’s Got Talent. Everyone seems to be doing their very best. I think that’s really awesome and this season has truly had incredible talent.

Light Balance is my favorite.

I can’t wait to see who wins!!!

The boy.

We met through my tumblr. He had been following me for close to a year and sent me a message for the first time about 3 or so weeks ago.

(Monday) I could tell that I was going to fall for him because he is such a gentleman, and he’s intelligent. It’s a bonus that he’s inexperienced sexually, good looking, great body, young and quite nerdy.

Light Balance came in 3rd.

What a downer!




Como se dice…

I went to my first Spanish class last week and just like I thought, the two instructors, only speak in Spanish during class.

As I looked around the classroom, I realized that every other person had a look of, “What the fuck is going on?!”

That made me feel better.

I’ve been trying to practice and it’s touch because you don’t really know if you’re pronouncing things right. I know, I know…. there’s Google.

I tried speaking a little Spanish at work, telling people that, I was learning Spanish. That just made them talk to me more in Spanish, which I had to cut right off.


I went to my first ballet class last week.

It was mortifying.

A complete mess.

I honestly thought that it was going to be a true beginners class and boy was I wrong.

There were about 10 other women there of all different ages and the instructor spoke in French and I had no idea what was going on at any point in the 60 minutes that we were there.

It was a good workout. I’ll give it that.

About 15 minutes before class got over. You know, when we were supposed to be doing these extremely delicate leaps across the floor (I was leaping like…. like an elephant?!) There was a group of little girls that showed up for the class after mine. I could feel their little eyes staring into my soul.

They didn’t laugh.

At least not when I was looking.


I also went to my first sewing group. It is ran through the same church that teaches my Spanish class and like the Spanish class, it’s not held at the church.

The ladies were so kind and inviting. They showed me all the patterns, fabric, thread, sewing machines and just about everything else that I was free to use.

It kinda felt like they needed some new blood in there.


I went to a new yoga class on Tuesday and it was fucking weird.

But, free.

The yoga teacher had his dog in there on a yoga mat next to his. The dog kept stretching out and making these dog stretching noises.

It was so distracting and I found myself not being able to hold poses.

And, there was a whole lot of talking going on during class. In all the yoga classes that I have taken, I’ve never heard this much chatter.


I’ve been trying to ride my bike as much as I can for as long as I can before the weather turns into constant rain. I rode almost 12 miles today, going to my favorite dispensary and the library.

While I don’t have the patience or the time to read leisurely right now, I still enjoy going to the library. I’ve been picking out books for my client and he’s been really enjoying the books that I share with him.


I met a boy.

He’s a cute 24 year old boy.

That lives in New Jersey.

I love him.

Is that possible without seeing if  you have physical attraction?

Here we go…

My Mom invited me to join her at the beach yesterday. We left in the morning and got there without running into any traffic.

Although we did have to make an emergency pit stop.

Since it was supposed to be 106 in the city, and  I was so happy to get out to the ocean where it was 66 and hoodie weather.

It was quite foggy where we got there but that’s not unusual for our coast.

We spent some time on the beach.

We saw some super cute sand sculptures.

We went to eat at a local restaurant and I had prime rib French dip. I don’t eat a lot of carbs so the bread did me in and I felt like I was gonna have a food baby.

I really wanted a cold brew and couldn’t find one anywhere.

Found this in Starbucks.

We also stopped at the dispensary where I got two grams of Black Widow.

We headed back to the beach.

Found these little carcasses all over the beach.

Built this little zen statue. I think I may print this pic off.

It was a smooth ride home.